Denise Aaron

MBACP (Snr Accred) Psychotherapy & Counselling in Faversham, East Kent

About Therapy

Psychotherapy or counselling?

Some people think of counselling as a short-term arrangement to focus on a specific issue, and psychotherapy as a more open-ended, longer-term process to deal on a deeper level with ongoing life concerns. A client may come for a few sessions to look at something specific and find that other issues have come to light that require longer-term engagement. If you decide to come for an initial visit we will look together at your issues and decide on what sort of arrangement is best suited to your needs.

How I work

I offer a safe confidential setting in which you can express feelings and thoughts and explore your experiences. I consider that you are the real expert on your own life, and that I am there to stand alongside you, and to help you to express thoughts and feelings which you may never have shared, or been unaware of, and to listen to and acknowledge your experiences with respect. This in itself may bring relief and make things clearer. Together we can reflect on and try to make sense of your experiences and what they mean to you, take stock of your way of being in the world, be clear about your values, examine your beliefs and sometimes find new perspectives which will widen your choices and help you to plan ways forward.

My way of working is an existential phenomenological one, which is a philosophical way of looking at life experiences and focuses on how we are living our lives at the moment and what is important to us.

I also use my training as an integrative therapist to draw on other theoretical concepts which may help to throw light on past and present experiences, and when appropriate introduce CBT as a method of facilitating specific change.